Your refrigerator serves not only to store and keep food cold and frozen but to entertain you. And to use as an overflow for the mindless clutter we have in our homes. Don't know where to put your car keys? The top of the fridge looks like a good spot. If yours is built-in with a cabinet overhead you may have nothing collecting there.

It's amazing what people do every day that seems normal to themselves but out of the ordinary to others. And over-loading the top of your refrigerator may be one place in your home that collects things that are doomed to eventually be discarded anyway.

Curious to find out what some of my coworkers had up there, here's what I discovered:

A bottle of Captain Morgan
Dog Treats
The Cheech 'n Chong album after my mom found out I had it
Kid's toys when they are bad
Framed pictures

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Our house is not immune. I sometimes accept a mental slap for having an old radio on the top of our fridge. My wife insists there to be a Kleenex box in every room of the house so guess where that goes in the kitchen? We also have the coffee pot up there.

Now that we've looked at the top, what about what's on the front? Oh, this is where some family’s lives live. The weekly calendar. A grocery list. A pictorial museum. The latest drawing from a grandchild. And if you're like one of my cousins the front of the fridge holds some sort of magnet from places you've visited over the years.

Well, we've covered the top of the fridge and the front. Anyone care to see what's underneath? If you have pets, when was the last time you cleaned under there and vacuumed out the fan and compressor?  Oops!

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