If you are stocking in provisions for a South Dakota winter you'd better be ready for either a warm or cold winter. Guess that just about covers it.

If you don't trust the Ground Hog for your winter weather prognostication maybe you turn to the 'Old Farmers Almanac' or the 'Farmers Almanac' for your seasonal forecasts.

Turns out the Old Farmers Almanac winter weather forecast for South Dakota is the total opposite of what the Farmers Almanac is predicting.

Old Farmers Almanac

The Old Farmers Almanac is saying:

This winter, we expect to see above-normal temperatures almost everywhere in the United States, except in the Southwest, where we’re predicting a colder-than-normal season. Our milder-than-normal forecast is due to a decrease in solar activity and the expected arrival of a weak El Niño, which will prevent cold air masses from lingering in the North.

The Farmers Almanac is saying:

The real teeth-chattering arrives mid-February especially in the following zones: Northeast/New England, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Midwest, and Southeast.

Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp from the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls says:

As it begins to feel more “fallish”, many people start thinking about winter. Well the latest forecast for the winter season is calling for above normal temperatures November through February, while precipitation will be above normal for November and December, while January and February is expected to have below normal precipitation.