I've been thinking about doing this story since the last week of June, but I kept putting it off. Then last week was the 4th of July and the week was short and kind of choppy, I just didn't feel like it. Today, I'm feeling extra tired, but I've run out of any legitimate excuses, so here it is.

I am a major procrastinator. There, I said it. This really comes as no surprise to family and close friends. I am always and forever putting things off, accomplishing tasks at the very last minute and arriving late to almost everything. For the longest time, the philosophy regarding chronic tardiness, was that this was a sign of disrespecting the people or event you were late for.

I have always insisted that this is not the case. I just always think I can get one more thing done. Now scientists are backing me up (sort of). Procrastination and continual lateness are a "side effect of your personality traits". Type A's are more likely to be punctual, type B's (like me) are more likely to be tardy.

Type A and B people actually experience the passage of time differently. Most people who have a tendency toward chronic lateness and procrastination are multitaskers who "may not have a deep awareness of what they're doing".

One psychologist believes that "procrastination may actually be a symptom of something more serious, such as depression, anxiety or attention problems". Compound this with self-esteem issues, a desire to avoid the unpleasant, (is that so wrong?) and a true hatred of housecleaning and what you've got is- -me.

It is not because I don't respect my family and friends, it is because I don't necessarily respect me very much. But I'm working on it. Of course I've been working on it for a couple of decades now and seemingly made very little progress. Or, have I?

Geez, I was supposed to come up with some tips on how to stop procrastinating, wasn't I? The passage of time is a smidge murky for me right now, so I guess I'll get to that later.

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