Audrey Mabrey is a survivor of domestic violence!

“In 2009 I made a decision to separate from my husband. There was no violence in our relationship while we were together. Yet within a couple of weeks of me asking for the divorce, he attacked me one day. Ultimately, he struck me with a hammer four times, held me at knifepoint, attempted to rape me and finally set me on fire.”

Audrey thought she was going to die.

“I was thinking this was going to be my last day. There was there no way I was going to make it out of there. I resigned myself to death and prayed to God, asking him to take care of my boys and let me go to Heaven. Then something shifted within me. I had an image of my children growing up as orphans. That changed my prayer to God! I cried out ‘just let me live, that’s all I want, just let me live.’ Eventually I got out of the garage where the abuse happened. A neighbor helped to put out the flames.”

From then on Audrey lived with a CAN DO ATTITUDE!

“I’m very grateful to be alive and being able to raise my children. I admit the journey started out as a very difficult one. At first, I was unable to provide for my children since I couldn’t work. We were homeless for a time.”

Fortunately everything changed when Audrey’s physical therapist asked her to perform an exercise she didn’t think she could do.

“That didn’t stop me from following through with the request. From that point forward, I knew I could overcome obstacles that would get in my way.”

If you’re involved in an abusive relationship, Audrey offers this hard earned advice.

“Domestic violence is a very complex issue. It is necessary to find a way out. You need to do so safely. Connect with your local resources and shelters. Get out of that situation because no one deserves to be abused.”

Audrey Mabrey travels the world encouraging others to get involved to end domestic violence.

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