I was almost positive that I would be the only one at the laundromat today. I though I'd have the place to myself. Get a little work done, watch some Netflix in the quiet of what I imagined would be a mostly abandoned and peaceful place.

As usual, I was completely wrong! You can see by the above photo that that business was booming. Even on the Fourth of July! I arrived at 9:30 AM and was pleasantly surprised to see only two other guys doing their laundry, one of whom was just about to wrap it up and leave. Ah, peace!

Then, at exactly 10:00 AM, laundromat universe shifted ever so slightly, and the place started to fill up like a rain barrel in a downpour! It seems that I am not the only person who thought the Fourth of July (for most people) would be spent on the road, at a lake, a campground or with family, doing any number of activities.

Apparently, many of us solitary humans used this holiday as a welcome respite from the work we are paid for, and performed the tasks we must do, receiving nothing but a sort of personal satisfaction in doing them. There is a kind of comfort in knowing that, even if it was too noisy to catch up on my Netflix list.

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