It won't be long now, and our temperatures will consistently fall into what we consider to be the "hot" category here in Sioux Falls.

As Mother Nature begins to crank up the thermostat, many of us will begin thinking about taking a dip in one of the public pools available throughout the Sioux Empire.

If you or a member of your family still hasn't learned how to swim yet, the Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Department is here to help.

KSFY TV reports the Park and Recreation Department is once again about to offer their outdoor swimming lessons for the summer. Two separate lesson sessions will be available, the first starting June 17–28, and Session 2 will take place on July 22 through August 2.

According to KSFY, registration for session one will happen on Tuesday, (June 4) at 6 PM and the registration day for session two will take place at 6 PM on Tuesday, (July 9).

Those interested can register online on the dates listed. The actual swimming lessons themselves will take place at the Terrace Park Family Aquatic Center.

Get all the details on the outdoor summer swimming lessons provided by the Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Department here.

Source: KSFY TV

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