We've all heard stories and seen pictures of the destruction that birds can cause when they fly into airplanes. And the bigger the bird, the worse the outcome.

Sioux Falls Animal Control and the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks are going proactive to scare migrating Canadian Geese away from areas that might be in the traffic lanes of airplanes.

Beginning today, (November 16, 2022) the two agencies will be using sound cannons and pyrotechnics to scare geese away from the quarry ponds east of the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds and at Elmwood golf course.

In a press release from Sioux Falls Animal Control, they indicate they have been working with the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, Landscapes Golf Management, and the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks to "maintain airplane safety".

Sound cannons are a humane method of scaring geese. The cannons are safe and ecologically friendly because no chemicals or poisons are used. The cannon is pressure-regulated to create a sonic blast with no projectiles. The cannons pose no danger to the public. The cannons will go off several times during the day and will not be used at night.- -Sioux  Falls Animal Control Division

So if you happen to be in that part of Sioux Falls and hear what sounds like a loud boom, or fireworks, it might just be a sound cannon scaring Canadian visitors out of the way!

Source: Sioux Falls Animal Control Division

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