I have been fishing before, but never like this!  When I went fishing this last week with my good friend, Meteorologist, Dakota Angler owner, and Fishing Czar, Todd Heitkamp I was amazed!  This guy has true "Fishing Chops"!  We went angling to a lake just a bit west of Sioux Falls.  Todd took us out in his amazing boat that I dubbed the SS Wishful Thinking.  My cynicism was appeased post haste!  Once we set sail Captain 'Chum-the-Waters'  immediately began to lay waste to the walleye.  I was still untangling my line when Todd hooked his first lunker.  His next cast, another fish.  As soon as I got the treble hook out of my thumb and tossed my 'Clacken' Rap' in the lake it wasn't long until I was yelling 'Fish ON'!  Between the two of us we must have pulled in 40 Walleye.  No freezer meat as we were catching & releasing but it had to be about the most fun pals can have on a warm fall day in South Dakota!

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