Our friend Todd Heitkamp is the Meteorologist in Charge at the National Weather Service here in Sioux Falls. In his fields of expertise, (which believe it or not, are many) he is an uber-professional. That means he is extremely smart and very good at what he does. This does not mean he is an Uber driver! (Because there is no Uber in Sioux Falls, silly!).

We kid him a lot because; A) He puts up with it and B) he is absolutely hilarious! He can make weather an even more fascinating subject than it already is, while also making it slightly more understandable for us layman. But he is keenly aware of the responsibility he has to help people understand the dangers Mother Nature can lay at our doorsteps.

Within the scope of the weird proceedings in the below videos, Todd has a very serious message. This extreme cold we are struggling through can be life-threatening. It literally can take minutes for a person to suffer frostbite or death in weather this adversely cold.

So as you watch him "go bananas" please remember there is a method to his madness!

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