Augie has a doggie again.

After a twenty-year hiatus, Augustana University in Sioux Falls has a real-life dog mascot once again, and his name is "Ace," a 6-month-old English cream golden retriever.

Ace, Augie's latest doggie, is being sponsored by none other than Kevin Nyberg, and the folks with Nyberg's Ace in Sioux Falls.

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Nyberg's Ace has agreed to sponsor Augie the Doggie for the next 5 years.

Who let Augie the Doggie out?

Augie can thank the gang with B Squad Dog Rescue for Ace, their new mascot and soon-to-be goodwill ambassador for the university.

B Squad Dog Rescue based out of Brandon, has a long-standing history of transporting, healing, fostering, and finding forever homes for at-risk dogs.

Dakota News Now reports that Ace will serve as a comfort dog engaging with students and staff, as well as attending various university events.

Back in the day, Augie the Doggie had a storied history with then, Augustana College.

Previous Augie doggies were as synonymous with the Augustana campus and its students as Ole the Viking. Back then the primary duties of Augie, besides looking cute, was to help bring energy and excitement to things like football and basketball games.

In recent years, Augie Doggie was just a person inside a costume, but those days are dog gone. Now twenty years later, Augie's newest doggie is an actual canine again.

Augustana University's hope is to make Ace a fixture in the community too. According to Augustana Chief of Staff Pamela Miller, “I would like him out in the Sioux Falls community as well.”

Ace is now undergoing his on-the-job training courtesy of Paws Pet Resort and Best Care Pet Hospital. Best Care has also graciously agreed to provide Ace with all the in-kind medical care he will need along his journey.

You can keep track of Augie's latest Doggie, Ace, on Facebook and on Instagram.

Source: Dakota News Now/ Augustana University

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