If there ever was a good time to look for a job, now is it. But that doesn't mean the process gets any easier. Getting references, updating a resume, interviews - -it can be a lot. That is why Wallet Hub has taken it upon itself to do some of the homework.

This latest study and survey helps to weed out the states where looking for work isn't worth the effort.

South Dakota, Minnesota (in particular), and Iowa are all great places to find employment. How did they come to this conclusion? Research, of course!

They examined all 50 states using two basic categories of criteria -

  1. Job Market
  2. Economic Environment

Within the job market area of research, they included statistics on job opportunities, employment & unemployment rates, job security & satisfaction, benefits, salary, worker protection (paid leave, sexual harassment protection, etc.), internships, and more.

When it came to the economic environment they researched things like the number of people working multiple jobs, working parents, commute times, state income tax burdens, median incomes & salaries, poverty rates, and more.

When the research was done, this is where South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa ranked out of the 50 states.

  • Minnesota ranked 5th
  • South Dakota came in 12th
  • Iowa ranked 22nd

Source: Wallet Hub

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