French fries. The delicious side that brings everyone together. Drop these golden beauties into a place of civil unrest and everyone would soon be hugging each other.

While I'm still not on board with dipping fries in mayonnaise (gak!) ketchup or BBQ sauce will do just fine.

Where do you find your favorite french fries? Spruce, recently analyzed Google Trends data to determine the most popular fast-food fries and the most popular style of french fries in each state. Because seriously, what else have we got to do?

South Dakotans prefer McDonald's as their favorite french fry. North Dakota said the same. Minnesota went their own way and chose Arby's. The curly fries are quite delicious. Iowans also chose the "golden arches" fries while Nebraska is chowing down on Burger King fries.

McDonald's was the clear winner with 16 states overall.

South Dakota was on its own for their favorite style of fries: Hashbrowns. Waffle fries were the clear cut national favorite.

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