I'm still crabbing about the fact that I ended up paying what I consider an outrageous amount for a plane ticket for Christmas. Why can't you get a ticket from one small airport to another for a reasonable price (for me that would be around $300) without having to ride with the luggage in the cargo hold?

Oh well, the upside is I'm spending the holidays with family. Enough of my complaining already. Let's see how the other half lives shall we?

Neiman-Marcus is famous for their wacky holiday catalog brimming with overpriced- -everything, for people, not only rich enough to dream up this stuff, but to buy it, and that includes travel packages to far-away places and spaces.

They recently released their list of what they refer to as, the "world's most imaginative gifts". The mere thought that there are people on our troubled planet who could, would, and probably will purchase them, alternately amuses and saddens me.

Here a just a few:

  • Discover India, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives - This 32-day trip for four includes private jet travel, private safari, 5-star hotels, helicopter tours and yacht trips for the low-low price of $630,000
  • Experience All Four Tennis Majors as a VIP Guest of 2017 U.S. Open Champ Sloane Stephens - This trip for you and a friend includes tennis sessions with the champ, staying in players-only hotels, traveling first-class from Paris to London to New York and Melbourne for the events, rubbing elbows with other celebs (like you) and more. A steal at $555,000
  • Secret Agent Experience - This experience for 4 begins with a private jet ride to Vegas where you meet a "mysterious man" who gives you your "mission". You'll then spend 3 days jumping out of planes, scuba diving, driving fast cars and acting super mysterious! Price - only $315,000

There's so much more, but I've grown bored by these run-of-the-mill fantasies. How about the one where you pay off someone's college loans or medical bills, pay for a major needed surgery for somebody, house the homeless, feed the hungry, comfort the abused, sad and lonely. Oh, I know, that is way too much to hope for. After all, if you've got money to burn, it's yours to burn any way you want!


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