I've worked in restaurants. Maybe you have too. If you have you will more than likely agree with some of these "Unwritten Restaurant Rules You're Probably Breaking" from Thrillist.

  1. Never Snap Your Fingers At A Server. Or anyone for that matter. Servers are not dogs.
  2. Respect Your Reservation Time. You have a phone, use it. If you aren't going to make your reservation be respectful, call and cancel.
  3. Don't Be That Couple That Sits in the Same Side of a Booth and Makes Out. Get a room.
  4. If Your Phone Is Distracting Others, It's a Problem. No one is going out to a restaurant to hear your phone conversation or to hear you play everyone at your table that awesome youtube video you posted of you playing some sweet riffs on your rad guitar.
  5. If Your Kids are Distracting Others, You're a Problem. The venue is not your babysitter. Keep a close eye on the young'uns'.
  6. Don't Show Up to Order Food 5 Minutes Before Closing. When you are about ready to get off work at your job, would you like your boss to walk over and give you a big bunch of work to do? Servers are people too. They have lives too.
  7. Never Blame a Server for a Kitchen Mistake. If your steak comes out underdone, it's not your server's fault. Don't take it out on them or their tip.

What else do you think should be on the list?

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