Thrift and consignment stores are like a wonderland for those of us who love to explore. It's not so much looking for that perfect home accessory, jacket, or fuzzy dice for your vehicle.

It is seeing what other people have previously had in their lives and imagining it in yours. Or not. Human beings are really weird.

Whether you're an explorer, a buyer, or a seller, there are some things you should know about consignment and thrift stores. Most of it is common sense, but since when has that been a thing?

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1. You won't get rich quick

First and foremost if you're trying to sell items from your home, they're not going to be worth as much as you think. So don't expect to get rich overnight selling your grandma's cat figurines or that collection of ancient Christmas ornaments that's been collecting dust in your basement.

Remember, all of us have stuff that should just be tossed. Just because we think it has great value, odds are - it doesn't.

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2. Beware of toys

Retailers have to test toys for lead content, resellers do not as they are exempt from this.

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3. Don't leave your junk behind as a donation

If you haven't discussed a larger donation with the store just don't drop it off. It's illegal and it forces store owners to raise prices because they have to pay to have the garbage hauled away.  If you can haul the stuff to a thrift store, you can also haul it to the dump, that's what it's there for.

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4. Don't bring in broken items

There is a huge difference between a small chip on a figurine and a disastrous flowerpot or window frame like the ones above. Please refer to number 3 - -sometimes junk is junk.

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5. Inventory changes constantly

For buyers, it means that something you saw a week ago might not be carried in the store anymore. For sellers, it might mean that something you brought in a month ago might not be relevant in terms of what shoppers are looking for currently.

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6. They also carry new items

When other stores go out of business, consignment and thrift stores may pick up their inventory and you'll get some really great stuff at amazing prices. The secret is to be a frequent shopper, refer to number 5.

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7. Believe it when you're told something won't sell

If the store owner can't make money selling something, why would they try? They've been doing this a lot longer than you have. Getting irritated doesn't help the situation either. Would you want to do business with a grouchy you?

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