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That love affair you have with your mobile electronic device, you know the one you spend hours upon hours with, each and every day, might be coming to an end once you read this.

Yahoo has just released a list of ways your phone might be making you ugly!

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Cell phones supposedly cause five major issues:

  • Dark Circles Under Your Eyes. Studies have shown that cell phone screens emit radiation that gives you headaches and keeps you awake. Therefore causing a lack of sleep, which creates dark circles under your eyes, stress and depression. What can be done? Experts say you should first dim the brightness setting, and then hold your phone at least 14 inches from your face. Just be prepared to have a tired arm as a result.


  • Crow's Feet. When you're forced to squint to read email, web pages, or anything else on your phone, you're going to get wrinkles. Simple solution, switch to a larger font size.


  • Acne. Yes, your phone could be giving you zits! On average, your phone has 18 times more bacteria on it than the typical toilet seat handle. And you press it up against your face all day. What can a person do, short of buying stock in Clearasil? Experts say you can swab your phone with alcohol once a day. Or invest in some special cell phone sanitizer that runs about $50 bucks.


  • Turkey Neck. Yes, your electronic best friend just might be giving you a case of "text neck."  It happens as a result of looking down at your cell phone for any period of time. Your jaw line begins to sag. The only cure is surgery. Or, I guess you could try holding the phone 14 inches from your face again. (See reason #1.)


  • Bloodshot Eyes. Use your phone for any significant amount of time, and your eyes might begin to resemble those of a drunken sailor on a weekend pass. Studies have shown if you stare at your phone for hours you'll end up with swollen, dilated blood vessels. Time to stock up on eye drops.
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Still have a mad crush on your Smartphone? Or are you ready to pretend that it's 1984 again and locate the nearest pay-phone?

Anybody got a quarter I can borrow?