You better watch out if you are hiking around in Iowa and you see purple paint on trees or fence posts!

Springtime in Iowa means getting out and hiking, mushroom hunting, and enjoying the outdoors.

There is a “Trespassing Law” in Iowa that involves the color Purple.

You Should leave NOW If You See Purple Paint In Iowa-Getty Thinkstock
You Should Leave NOW If You See Purple Paint In Iowa-Getty Thinkstock

"Senate File 2101 makes changes to Iowa’s trespassing law. If a property owner living in an unincorporated area places purple paint around their property on trees or fence posts, entering the property is forbidden and constitutes trespassing"

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources must conduct an information campaign to educate the public and property owners about this change."

Previously Iowa landowners would post "No Trespassing" signs to remind the public that this is private land and they need permission to be on it.

The Purple Paint option makes it easier for the property owner to get their no-trespassing message out at less cost and without the opportunity to have their signs knocked down or stolen.

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