Illegal drugs are a dangerous trade. On Monday that notion was proven true yet again when a woman was a victim of a garden variety drug rip.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens describes the incident that took place around 11:30 AM.

“Someone called in who said they were robbed at gunpoint. It took a little bit to figure this out because the victim gave a few versions of the story. She had bought some marijuana from somebody and went on Facebook and was looking to sell it. Somebody responded and they met in the 700 block of S. Dakota Avenue. She and a friend were inside a car when three guys came walking up to their car. One of them got into the passenger seat of the car pulled a gun and took her cell phone and the marijuana.”

Clemens also says police have a strong suspicion that the crew in the drug rip may have also pulled a gun on someone else nearby.

“We had a woman who left an apartment building (in the same block). As she was walking through the parking lot she saw this guy who came running around the corner while pointing a gun at her.”

Nothing was taken in the second encounter and no one was hurt in either incident. Witnesses say all three men got into a white car and left. All three suspects were described as black men. Police also say the 20-year old victim could face subsequent charges for the drugs.

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