There is so much need in Sioux Falls. And not just because of the pandemic. Volunteers of America (VOA) is an organization that has been stepping up to tackle hunger, homelessness, educational and mental health problems, and other issues for over 100 years.

The last couple of years have made taking on these things an even more difficult job. Once again this year all of us can help these noble efforts and provide simple Christmas gifts for their clients.

VOA asks their clients about something they would like to have for Christmas and the replies are eye-opening.

Just imagine asking for socks, or diapers and wipes, or even a hygiene kit with shampoo, deodorant, etc., for a Christmas gift. These are some of the gift requests you will find hanging on the VOA Spirit Trees.

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Just grab a wish card off one of the trees, purchase the gift and return it to the Spirit Tree collection boxes.

You will find Volunteers of America Spirit Trees at all Lewis and both Cell Only stores in Sioux Falls:

  • Lewis - 37th & Minnesota
  • Lewis - 69th & Louise
  • Lewis - 10th & Phillips
  • Lewis - 41st & Marion
  • Lewis - 26th & Sycamore
  • Lewis - 10th & Cliff
  • Lewis - 12th & Kiwanis
  • Cell Only - 3503 W. 41st Street
  • Cell Only - 1031 S. Highline Place in Dawley Farms Village

Remember the gifts don't have to be lavish, but if you find it in your heart to add something beyond basic needs to the gift list - - bless you!

To find out more about Volunteers of America's mission see them online, on Facebook, or call 605-334-1414.

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