Where you choose to live has a lot to do with where you were born, personal preference, where you find employment, and more. So the number-crunching scientists at Wallet Hub took it upon themselves to help make it a bit clearer, as to what makes one place better to live in than another.

They looked at all 50 states in 5 major categories, A) Affordability, B) Economy, C) Education and Health, D) Quality of Life, and E) Safety.

Within those categories, they broke down their study into numerous sub-categories. They investigated things like housing affordability, home ownership and property tax rates.

They also checked into the cost of living, unemployment, population and income growth, bankruptcy and foreclosure rates, as well as the quality of public schools and hospital systems.

Finally, they considered the hours worked per week, commute times, the number of entertainment and dining venues, crime rates, and much more.

South Dakota came out in 21st place overall but did particularly well in the Economic (6th place) category. In the Quality of Life category, South Dakota ended up having the shortest commute time at around 17 minutes. Our state also did well in the Affordability and Safety categories, coming in 22nd and 23rd respectively.

To see this complete study, just check out Wallet Hub.

Source: Wallet Hub

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