During what can only be considered a catastrophic period in the history of our planet, the importance of having a way to provide for yourself and your loved ones cannot be overstated. The reason being, so many people don't, right now.

The consequences of widespread job loss not only include the possibility of homelessness and hunger for individuals and families, but the societal ripple effect in terms of the nation's economy, mental health, crime statistics, quality of life issues, and more, at this point, is impossible to predict.

WalletHub, a financial website with the goal of providing information about all things affecting the lives we live, and by doing so, trying to make people's lives better, is out with their 2021 report on "Best Cities for Jobs". Their contention is that when looking for a new start and better job prospects, location can mean everything.

We are more fortunate here in Sioux Falls than many other cities around the country, in that our unemployment rate remains low and basically unchanged from a year ago. Which perhaps is why our city appears in the (approximate) top fourth of the "Best Cities for Jobs in the U.S." in the 48th position.

Wallet Hub compared 180 cities across the country for this study, analyzing factors ranging from average salaries to median incomes, commute times, housing affordability, job growth and satisfaction, internships, employee benefits, community resources, social opportunities, and more.

To see the complete report go to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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