The religious season of Lent is being acknowledged around the world including here in the Sioux Empire. This is a time for Christians to enhance their spiritual lives as well as a time to take a break and fast for 40 days.

These fasts could include not watching as much television, avoiding social media, or eliminating eating chocolate.

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People who are Catholic commonly know that Lent also includes not eating meat on Fridays. Some meatless alternative meals include a fish fry, a pepper and egg sandwich, tuna casserole, or just an egg salad sandwich.

One of my favorite traditions with my family is eating pepper and egg sandwiches during Lent. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an establishment in the Sioux Empire that makes them during Lent. However, there are local restaurants that make egg sandwiches.

Thanks to reviews on Yelp, there are ten restaurants in Sioux Falls that serve pretty good egg sandwiches. Take a look at this list and see if you agree.


Best Egg Sandwich in Sioux Falls

Where is your favorite place to enjoy an egg sandwich in Sioux Falls?

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