I am a television addict. I have been since I was 7-years-old and would sneak out of bed, lay on the floor and watch "I Love Lucy" unbeknownst to my Mom, while she ironed clothes and watched in the basement of our house in Anaconda, Montana.

I admittedly watch way too much television, but in my defense...okay I really don't have a defense, except to say that I have always found TV immensely comforting. My childhood was rocky and my adulthood has, at times, been less than delightful. (But whose hasn't?) In any case, television has always filled some void, some need for hilarious, Utopian, escapist fare and apparently it is a big void!

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Last night I'm watching the ABC network's Wednesday sitcom line-up and when it was over, I sat there thinking "well, I've either completely lost my sense of humor or these shows just aren't funny!" Yes, this includes the multiple-Emmy-award-winning Modern Family, as well as Black-ish, The Goldberg's and a show I had hope for, but now find more strident and offensive than anything else, Speechless.

Is it me or is it the writing and acting? Or is it the fact that several of these shows have attempted to take on societal issues in an effort to educate more than entertain? Yes, perhaps that's the reason.

At least that is what I plan on telling myself for now, because I refuse to believe I've lost my sense of humor. After all, Big Bang Theory still cracks me up! But in truth it is the only comedy show which still makes me do that. Hmm?

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