What do you get when you bring together a reluctant psychic, a witch, a vampire, a weretiger, and a vampire? A Halloween joke? Nope. A new NBC fantasy thriller from the same woman whose novels were the basis for the epic vampire series True Blood which appeared on HBO and the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries which currently have a home on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

Midnight, Texas premiered Monday night at 9:00 PM and was rerun last night on the SyFy channel. I've been anticipating this show since I saw the trailer for it weeks ago.You show me psychics, vampires, Stygian angels with hot bods, a sarcastic talking cat, spooky special effects, add a bit of dark humor and I'm in!

All the residents of Midnight are seeking safe haven from the outside world for one reason or another. (Some more obvious than others). Our psychic is the main character who comes to the town on the advice of his dead grandmother, who happens to travel and chat with him in his RV.

Although his capabilities are real, he has also made a habit of scamming people; at least one of whom is now hunting him down for final retribution. The stories only get stranger from here. And personally, I can hardly wait!

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