Whenever I read a Spoon University article, I almost find myself uttering phrases like, "Dude, sorry not sorry!" or "TBH, I can't even!". I said almost.

Spoon University is a lifestyle/foodie/trends/survival website targeted at college students and much of what is published there is well beyond the purview of someone of my advanced - maturity. However, I still find fun articles there from time-to-time, and this was one of them.

They've determined which fast food joint you should haunt, according to your astrological sign. For instance, Ben is an Aries and according to their analysis, Aries people have fiery personalities and should frequent Taco Bell. They'll have their choice of spicy sauces to compliment their spicy temperament. Ben--fiery? Hmm?

As for me, being a Virgo, they suggest Subway because of Virgos "detail-oriented" nature. I do tend to be a detail-aware kind of person and I do love Subway, but - -I rarely go there. Why? I have no idea. Sorry Spoon University, "the struggle is real!".

If you'd like to know which fast food you should be noshing on, on a regular basis, because of when you were born, check out Spoon University.

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