Are you ready for the upcoming "Heat Dome" here in South Dakota?

A Heat Dome is not some kind of really HOT sports structure that's being built in the state.

No, this Heat Dome is a warm air mass, that traps heat near the surface, and it's getting ready to bear down on us beginning on Saturday, (August 19).

Some like it hot, and hopefully, that's you, because soon everyone will be making their own gravy as temperatures are expected to surpass the century mark over the next few days here in the Sioux Falls area, with heat index values predicted to hover around the 110-degree range at times.

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Heat advisories get underway for a large portion of the state starting today. And I certainly hope your air conditioner is in tip-top shape because it's soon to become your new best friend well into the latter part of next week according to the gang over in the severe weather center at Dakota News Now.

With the impending pressure cooker on the horizon, it got me wondering what is the warmest temperature ever recorded in the state of South Dakota.

Lord knows we're known for having some REALLY warm days, and some REALLY cold days here in the Rushmore State, but up until this point, there has never been a hotter day on record in South Dakota than (July 15), 2006. The temp that day in Ft. Pierre reached 120° F.

That my friend is hot! But still not hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk believe it or not. Technically it is possible to fry an egg on the concrete in front of your home, but supposedly you need a temp around 158 degrees. Sidewalks have been known to reach temperatures of 145 degrees at times on incredibly hot days.

Who knows, maybe next Wednesday when the Heat Dome pops the Sioux Empire into the oven with actual temps expected to reach 104 degrees in the Sioux Falls area, you just might be able to whip yourself up an omelette in your driveway?

By the way, if you're wondering, the hottest temp ever recorded here in Sioux Falls was 110° F on (June 21) 1988.

Can we beat that record over the next week? Pour yourself something cool to drink, because we're soon gonna find out.

Try and stay cool everyone!

Source: NWS/Dakota News Now

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