So there I am standing in front of my service advisor Evan at Billion Toyota yesterday. We're chatting about services I should have had done on the RAV awhile ago, but couldn't afford and still can't!  But I pick and choose between the most important and go with, an oil change, a couple of filters changed and an engine system something-or-other that may help up the mileage a bit.

As we're bantering back and forth, I notice to my immediate right at another advisor station, a slender, attractive young woman dressed very similarly to the woman in the photo on the left above, with a couple of, oh I don't know- -minor exceptions. Her workout bra and leggings were a flesh-colored pink with a leopard or lizard pattern on the bra and down the sides of the leggings, and the leggings were high-waisted.

I'm unsure which animalian or reptilian pattern it was, because I honestly didn't want to stare at her. Everyone else in the (mostly male) vicinity was. I turned to my advisor and another gentleman standing by him and said, "Wow, I almost wore the same outfit today!" That drew their attention back and made them laugh out loud. We all knew what I meant.

And the mere thought of me in that outfit; short, round, hair askew, with matching purse swinging at my side (like hers), waddling my way into their service area, made me laugh even harder!

Now, I'm not saying that the young woman on the right, in the picture above, is the wearing the preferred outfit when going into a business, I'm just saying that something other than workout wear seems more- -appropriate. But that is just me.

Yes, I know, people are free to do, say, wear and be whatever they want. And if what she wanted was for guys to ogle her and everyone else to wonder if the rest of her wardrobe was in the laundry--mission accomplished!

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