With Halloween just a little more than a month and a half away, I know, scary, right?

It got me wondering what scares the average South Dakotan the most. What things that go bump in the night have us shaking in our boots the most often?

Now one would think it would be the usual suspects, you know, things like spiders, snakes, heights, fear of drowning, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, whacked-out dudes running around in white masks with butcher knives and chainsaws, needles, or these days, thanks to COVID, the fear of viruses, and pandemics.

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Nope, not here in South Dakota. Research from the folks with YourLocalSecurity.com, says the one thing that terrifies the average South Dakotan the most is..." the outside!"

Think about it, it makes total sense, considering nearly half of the year in South Dakota is scary as hell outdoors.

Old Man Winter
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If you've ever lived in South Dakota for an extended period of time you know all too well that Old Man Winter can and often does give a whole new meaning to the phrase "The weather outside is frightful!" And most years he starts his scare tactics right after Halloween is over. On rare occasions, even before it arrives.

According to YourLocalSecurity.com, the Top 6 phobias in the country are:

  • Failure
  • Blood
  • Water
  • Intimacy
  • Spiders
  • And the Outside

We're not alone when it comes to fearing the outdoors. I see that is also the average North Dakotan's biggest fear as well. And if you've ever spent a winter in North Dakota, you know why, they REALLY have something to be terrified of during the months of November through April up there!

Just be thankful you're not living in Iowa. They fear intimacy the most. Poor bastards.

You know what I fear the most? Driving on 41st Street next to a car with an Iowa license plate. Now that's a scary situation!

Source: YourLocalSecurity.com 

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