Love gone bad can be a tough thing to contend with for some.

You might remember the Neil Sedaka classic "Breaking Up is Hard to Do?" Old Neil was right, a bad breakup is rough, and many people seek to gravitate to an assortment of comfort foods in search of a little comfort when their heart is bruised and broken.

Everyone has a go-to food for certain things in life. In the summer, it might be ice cream to stay cool. During the fall, your comfort food might be a warm bowl of soup or a big old plate of hearty pasta. (Now that is a heap of good eaten!)

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Whatever season you happen to be in life, there's always some form of food that can help get you through.

But what about a bad breakup? What type of food does the average South Dakotan run to when they're searching for something to help heal a broken heart?

Could it be pizza, burgers, candy, cookies, tacos, or chips? How about a big old plate of waffles covered in maple syrup? Not so much if you live in South Dakota.

According to the folks at USA Rx, when love has the average South Dakotan down in the dumps, we go running in search of Cookie Dough. That's right, cookie dough is this state's broken heart comfort food.

Supposedly, when Cupid packs up and leaves town, we all make a Walmart run for a ginormous container of cookie dough, grab a spoon, and start to mow down to help ease the pain.

Now, I'll admit, I had a cookie dough cookie from Crumbl Cookie the other day, and it was pretty damn good, but I can think of about 10 other comfort foods I would put way out in front of cookie dough when my heart is broken.

Let's be honest with each other should you eat too much cookie dough in your hour of despair, your heart will eventually hurt for an entirely different reason.

USA Rx's study revealed that both Dakota's loved their cookie dough during a nasty breakup.

The study also showed that America's two most popular foods to mend a broken heart are Burgers and Candy! (Now you're talking.) After that, it's Cake, Grilled Cheese, Pizza, Milkshakes, and Chicken Noodle Soup.

One thing is for sure, one of us needs to have a serious talk with the folks living in Arkansas and West Virginia. Their #1 binge-worthy breakup food is Dumplings. Huh??

To all my fellow South Dakotans who have lost in the game of love recently, my heart goes out to you. Just grab some cookie dough, and you should be on the road to recovery soon.

Or, there's always a bazillion dating apps you can try too. However, you might wanna take it easy on the cookie dough if you plan to travel that route.

Source: USA Rx


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