You probably remember that old Neil Sedaka record from the 70s called "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" right?

Well, it's true, anyone that has been the victim of a relationship gone bad, be it something as simple as a breakup following your first big crush, or a heartbreaking, knockdown drag-out, nasty divorce, knows how difficult a failed romance can be.

A breakup on any level takes time to recover, and everyone has their own coping mechanisms. You know, things like; giving yourself some space, leaning into your support system, (family, friends, trained professionals, etc.), staying busy, sleeping a lot, going out drinking and partying with friends, and of course, emotional eating.

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Comfort foods can often be a person's best friend during a breakup. Many of us stock the fridge with Baskin Robbins and keep places like Dominos on speed dial during a time of heartbreak.

And surprisingly enough, emotional eating while being down in the dumps doesn't cause most people to gain a significant amount of weight either.

A study conducted out of Penn State back in 2019 reported 62.7 of their participants reported no weight change after a bad breakup.

Now I'm not saying that news should be your open invitation to belly up to the buffet line, but you can take comfort in knowing the majority of us don't seem to pack on the pounds when choosing to take the comfort food route to deal with the pain.

So what is the average South Dakotan's favorite food following a failed romance?

According to a study from USA Rx, South Dakotans who have lost at love evidently make a mad dash for Cookie Dough!

I remember as a child my mother warning me not to eat cookie dough. It can give you food poisoning she would say. All the raw eggs, and flour, and blah, blah, blah!

Heck these days, you can go to the grocery store and buy on-the-go cookie dough bowls with little spoons. So there goes that theory, I guess.

Be glad you live in South Dakota during a time of heartbreak, the average person in Arkansas goes in search of dumplings in their time of despair. What do you expect from a state that serves gravy at all three meals, right?

When it comes to the most popular break-up food in the nation...

USA Rx says a large number of states choose to go with burgers and candy while they mend their broken hearts. Sure beats a plate of dumplings, if you ask me.

Hey, if you happen to be going through a breakup right now, you have my sympathy. Just remember, here in South Dakota, with a little time and a whole lot of cookie dough, you should be just fine.

Source: PennState/ USA Rx 


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