Everything about this fundraising gala for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls is delicious!

That includes the specially catered three-course meal from Chef Dominique, (because honestly does the guy ever whip up anything that is less than amazing?).

The old Hollywood costumes people will be wearing, and the murder mystery that brings the audience into the story, make for a more than crowd-pleasing extravaganza.

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A professional theater group from Minneapolis will take you back to the glory days of Hollywood for a night of -

Murder, mystery and intrigue - -to uncover the unhinged guest who is whacking all the invitees. Just be careful, because you could be next!

This theatrical group has performed at events for Disney, Netflix, and Coca-Cola, so you know they're going to put on quite a show!

!00% of all the proceeds from this extraordinary entertainment experience will go toward the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls. In particular, to help build affordable homes in Habitat’s Millard Acres development in Sioux Falls.

The aim of this project is to make these housing units not only affordable but also to have a low impact, environmentally conscious footprint.

If you're wondering what someone would wear to such a "glamorous old Hollywood party", no problem there is a whole page of ideas for you! For example, guys should think pin-striped suits and fedoras. Ladies should think jewelry, cigarette holders (no cigarettes please!), elbow-length gloves, faux fur mink stoles, and glam dresses!

Tickets are $100 and are available online right now!

You don't want to miss this glorious night out and the chance to do good while being a part of an old Hollywood thriller!

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