Someone had to be the tattletale, but our building and others will be without water for a time. I am the one who found the leak in the dike and my thumb can’t hold it.

After a shower came through Sioux Falls last night and the streets began to dry in the morning sun, I thought it was odd to see water running down the street while approaching my place of occupation. Seeing it bubbling up from the little pipe with the cap that read “Water” and streaming down the pavement was enough to alert the authorities.

Mind you this is a mere two blocks away from where a serious rupture occurred at 57th and Louise in the middle of the intersection. This little weeper will have its effect on us soon enough.

If you ever encounter something like this in your neighborhood, CALL SIOUX FALLS PUBLIC WORKS at 367-8600. It’s got to be fixed. I talked with Darla who was appreciative that we noticed the problem and she dispatched a crew to investigate.

The surprise was minimal when the inter-office memo arrived later in the day stating that water to our building will be shut off for a few hours to fix the problem. Yes. I’m that guy. Although I would much rather have that than a potential sink hole develop in that spot because I or no one else noticed.

That means someone might have to brew a couple extra pots of coffee to keep the employees and guests happy while the water is off. A backup plan on where to release that coffee into the wild might not be a bad idea either.

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