With your talent as an artist or one with great writing skills that you've been modest about, isn't it time to share with the world what you can do? Here's your chance to step into the limelight.

South Dakota State Fair
South Dakota State Fair

The South Dakota State Fair is seeking interested artists and authors to be showcased during the fair this year in Huron, South Dakota.

Featured artists and authors can meet the public and display their works of literature or art with no exhibitor’s fee. Where will you find a better opportunity to promote your skills and talents? The scheduled presentations will be listed in the fair schedule and advertised on the daily agenda for the building.

If you have an interest in this free event contact Arts and Ed Building Superintendent Mary Helen Wipf at rmhwipf@gmail.com or call the SD State Fair Office at 605-353-7340.

The 2020 South Dakota State Fair will run from Thursday, September 3, through Monday, September 7.

Source: sd.gov

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