Unless your mattress is stuffed with hundred dollar bills, you're driving a Porsche, your bathroom houses a gold-plated toilet, and Warren Buffett calls you for advice, you probably like to save money as often as humanly possible. (That doesn't necessarily make you a cheapskate but if you are, more power to you!) Valentine's Day should be no exception.

There are so many lovely little ways to make Valentine's Day special without emptying out your wallet. Part-Time Money is a really great place for money-saving (and money-making) ideas, including Valentine's Day activities and gifts.

  • No Phones for 24 hours - If you're always on your phone, giving your sweetheart your undivided attention for a day could be very special
  • Acts of Service - Surprise your sweetie by taking over some of their chores. Load & unload the dishwasher, take the car in for an oil change, take over walking the dog for the day, any chore they dislike or always end up doing would be appreciated
  • Handwritten love letter - Believe it or not, there is nothing more romantic than seeing how a person feels about you in their own handwriting. As an added bonus you can send the letter to Loveland, Colorado, where it will get stamped with a special message and mailed directly to your loved one. (Send your letter to: Postmaster, Valentine Re-Mailing, 446 E. 29thSt., Loveland, CO 80538)
  • DIY gift basket - Get an inexpensive basket, colorful cellophane, coffee mug or fun candy dish and even some silk flowers, at a dollar store, and go crazy!
  • Make a meal together or have a picnic in the living room - Sounds easy & cheesy, but maybe that's the point. Just spending time together with a little music, some wine, candlelight, a lot of laughter and a homemade pizza, can make for a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Lots more creative, cheap, wonderful Valentine's Day ideas at Part-time Money.

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