If this is true, there could be a bunch of new 4-legged friends running around South Dakota after this weekend. And Wyoming is making things weird.

The team at CouponLawn.com has spent more than 250 hours collecting and analyzing Google Trends’ data pulled from the past 17 Valentine's (throughout the period of 2004-2020) to find out the most googled Valentine's gift in each state.

It reveals that South Dakota's number one search is a puppy. Just make sure the puppy training doesn't fall solely on the recipient as this takes an entire family to get involved.

But what about some of South Dakota's neighbors?

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North Dakota is going for couples tattoos. That's romantic but a pretty big permanent commitment.

Minnesota and Nebraska are searching for chocolates while Iowa is looking for tandem bicycles.

Wyoming has some 'splaining to do. Sex toys is the most searched gift for Valentine's Day.

Other notable gist ideas includes Louisiana's love for plus-sized lingerie, kittens in Washington State, and New Mexico is going all out for boxer shorts.

Alaska wants weighted blankets. Yeah, we can see that.

See the entire Untied States map here and perhaps you'll get a few ideas for the the upcoming romantic weekend.

Just a thought: South Dakota is looking at a polar vortex this weekend and sub-zero temperatures, so that weighted blanket idea is quite appealing right now.

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