Name the grossest thing you've ever experienced. Uh-huh me too. Now with that brain-worm share this with the kids and see how many different expressions are created. It's time to explore Grossology!

The new temporary exhibition Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body is at the Washington Pavilion with crusty and slimy things plus it stinks. Discover why your body produces mushy, oozy, crusty, scaly and stinky gunk at Grossology in the Kirby Science Discovery Center.

Based on the best-selling book “Grossology” this exhibition uses sophisticated animatronics and imaginative exhibits to tell you about runny noses, body odor and much more.

Take a “Tour du Nose” to explore 10 nasal features including how your snoot acts as an air filter, a smell sensor, and a mucus producer. Play the pinball game “Gas Attack” by scoring off bumpers dressed up as food items that cause gas. Mimic the build-up of acid indigestion by causing the “Burp Machine” to release a giant belch. Explore the role of the kidney in a virtual reality experience in “Urine: The Game.” Take a ride on the GI slide, climb a large-scale replica of human skin and discover other mysterious ways your body’s biology does what it needs to do to keep you healthy.

Grossology will be displayed at Washington Pavilion until mid-May.