Why Should We Go?

If you're not familiar with what Habitat for Humanity is all about, here are the Cliff Notes-Their mission is:

to bring people together to build homes, community, and hope. People who struggle to afford housing, face frequent moves, substandard living conditions, or the threat of eviction. These situations create stress, depression, and hopelessness.

Brookings Area Habitat for Humanity has been working toward better, more affordable housing for low-income and at-risk individuals since 1995. In that time they have built dozens of homes and changed hundreds of lives. "Nail the Runway" raises funds to support their efforts.

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Serious subject, right? Okay, we're done with that, now it's on to the fun!

What is "Nail the Runway?

"Nail the Runway" is a construction-based fashion show with a twist. Yup, this wacky and amazing fashion show asks community members to create fashions they can wear, in a runway show, made out of construction items!

It is all happening, at 6 PM this Saturday night, March 19, in the Swiftel Center in Brookings! You're going to spend so much time laughing, you won't mind the short drive north.

This year's featured construction item is tile and the colors are black and white. So the only limit is your imagination! Throw together a black & white bikini, floor-length gown, jacket, or headdress, featuring tile, and be ready to show it off!

What else is going on?

There are a whole bunch of super fun silent auction items you can bid on right now online. And you can bid or donate even if you can't make it to the event.

One of these is the "Mitchell Olson Experience"! Mitchell is the gentleman who was a contestant on Season 2 of "Survivor". He is hilarious, smart, and kind, plus he can tell you some of the most interesting stories about the celebrities, actors & singers he knows.

You get to choose from one of three opportunities to hang out with Mitchell, each one equally fun! Full disclosure, even though he is my friend & I already have a bid in, if you can outbid me, he's all yours!

You can also bid on a Brian Allen (from Dakota News Now) experience, sports, and home care packages, a variety of food items, jewelry, furniture, entertainment, pampering packages, and much more!

Food & Drinks included?

You'll absolutely love the cocktails, dinner, music, and runway show. I dare you not to laugh!

Tickets are available online right now!

For more information see "Nail the Runway", Brookings Area Habitat for Humanity, or call 605-697-2540.

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