Go down the list of the hundreds of choices to eat in Sioux Falls and compare those chain joints to locally run stand-alone establishments that are on a similar equal playing field.

For instance, Casa Del Rey vs Jacky's. Yes, Casa Del Rey is the heritage Mexican restaurant of Sioux Falls and both are very popular and have similar menus. While one leans to Tex-Mex, the other sways to Guatemalan dishes. This pair is a draw and I love both.

Let's scream for Ice Cream. Who can go through any small town in America and not find a local Dairy Queen? My mom would never think of driving by one without going through the drive-thru for a hot fudge sundae. And then we took her to Milky Way. It's hard to go against the king, but my car turns into B & G Milky Way. More strawberries in a shake than what's legal. And they count your change back.

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Steak is what South Dakotans live for any time of the year. If you want to feel like you're in Bid D then get in line at Texas Roadhouse. Mmmmm, can you smell those fresh hot buns? They do put out several great cuts that are hand-cut. My steak choice will actually be next door at the Tea Steakhouse. One word: made from scratch. Tradition!

Do you have a fish preference? Nationally you would think of Red Lobster for a variety of reasons. Crab, shrimp, lobster, fish, and bisque. There isn't a type of seafood I wouldn't eat. But given the choice, if it swims then Grille 26 is where I'll be for the walleye. Done to perfection and always fresh.

I've left the burger for last. Now in my own defense, I had my share of fast-food burger joints in the first half of my life. Burger King was my go-to. But ever since moving to Sioux Falls, when we want a burger made with love it takes just a short drive to TC Referee. You can even order it with a little Moooo left. And if you’re really hungry that burger could be your appetizer. Before a plate of prime rib.

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