How many times do you see someone in a store, at the water park or the beach and ask yourself, "Did they even look in the mirror before they left the house?"  Summer is coming and when the weather gets warmer, clothes start to get skimpier and wrong fashion decisions are made.

The "L.A. Times" recently conducted a survey to find the Worst Summer Fashion Mistakes.  Here's the list.

10.  Letting yourself get so sunburned, you peel.

9.  Accidentally tucking the back of your skirt into your underwear.

8.  Wearing alot of make-up at the beach.

7.  Obvious tan lines.

6.  Flip-flops.

5.  Clothes that have the American flag on them.  (I would think this is o.k. on the 4th of July)

4.  Having a beer belly.

3.  Wearing a bathing suit that is too small.

2.  Having a bad fake tan, where you can see streaks.

1.  Socks with sandals.

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