The last time U.S. citizens were encouraged to grow "Victory Gardens" or "War Gardens" was during World War II, but it wasn't the first time. Citizens of the U.S. were also asked to do this during World War I and answered the call in droves!

In fact, during WWII almost 20 million Americans planted vegetables and fruits in backyards, empty lots, rooftops, public parks, schools, etc. At one point during the war, Victory gardeners were producing 40% of the produce in the U.S.

Now, once again, the reasons to grow our own gardens are many; rising food prices, concerns over the use of chemicals and food supply, among them. You don't even need a huge space to do it.

One suggestion was to replace flowers in your window boxes with something edible. Raised small planters would be other great options for small decks or patios, and for small backyards, terraced growing boxes could be a good choice.

Right now, the battle we're waging is against an unseen and often deadly enemy, which makes staying home and working in your garden sound even more attractive. Plus, the bonus is tasty produce to show for your hard work!

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