Lady Gaga calls her fans Little Monsters, but what do you call a Gaga fan that is older than you? Grandpa Monster? Gaga Grandpa?

Labels don't matter, the point is, this Grandpa is all of us when he gets surprised with Gaga tickets.

If I hadn't read the caption, I never would have guessed that this guy wanted to see Lady Gaga in concert. But, who doesn't?

His reaction is priceless! The way he chokes out "Gaga?" when he realizes what's going on, is so cute. He must be one of the coolest Grandpas ever. I can't imagine my Grandma at a Gaga concert. However, I can imagine myself there.

As far as I could tell, Mother Monster AKA Lady Gaga, had not commented on the post. But, who knows, anything could happen.



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