Lady Gaga's sixth album, "Chromatica" came out one week ago. I waited to review it until I could really listen to the whole album a couple of times. Really let it sink in.

The album has 16 tracks. 19 if you bought the Target Exclusive, which I did.

  1. ‘Chromatica I’
  2. 'Alice'
  3. 'Stupid Love'
  4. ‘Rain On Me��� (with Ariana Grande)
  5. ‘Free Woman’
  6. ‘Fun Tonight’
  7. ‘Chromatica II’
  8. ‘911’
  9. ‘Plastic Doll’
  10. ‘Sour Candy’ (with BLACKPINK)
  11. ‘Enigma’
  12. ‘Replay’
  13. ‘Chromatica III’
  14. ‘Sine From Above’ (with Elton John)
  15. ‘1,000 Doves’
  16. ‘Babylon’

The Target Exclusive has 3 bonus songs.

  1. 'Love Me Right'
  2. '1000 Doves' (Piano demo)
  3. 'Stupid Love' (Vitaclub Warehouse mix)

The 'Chromatica' interludes are symphonic moments that blend seamlessly into the next song. Well done.

In other reviews and just checking hashtags on Twitter, "Sine From Above" with Elton John has been a crowd favorite. Personally, that song is good, but my favorite is probably "1000 Doves". I mean, with lyrics like, "I cry more than I ever say (Oh) Each time, your love seems to save the day (Oh) Lift me up, give me a start /'Cause I've been flying with some broken arms /Lift me up, just a small nudge/ And I'll be flying like a thousand doves" how can you not love this song?

A very close second is one of the bonus tracks, "Love Me Right" is amazing. The first verse just hit me, "My life is a story/Do you wanna know the truth?/ I'm tall in high heelsBut I am only five foot two/ What you see ain't always/ What you gonna get, it's true /You see the best in me /Even when I have no clue." Maybe I relate because I'm also 5'2'', but I felt that. Her Netflix documentary was also called 5 Foot 2, just FYI.

I think with both of these songs, Gaga is being very vulnerable. Showing her insecurities and basically having someone there to help and love you anyway. I think we can all relate to that. Wanting to be loved for who we really are.

I mentioned the collaboration with Elton John, but other collabs on the album include the K-Pop girl group, Blackpink on "Sour Candy", and "Rain on Me" with Ariana Grande that is currently the #1 song in America!

Not that I think Lady Gaga has ever not been authentic, but I'm glad we have dance/pop Gaga back. It's reminiscent of her 2008/2009 breakthrough, but still entirely new and current. On Joanne and the A Star is Born soundtrack we got a different side of Gaga, more of a folksy vibe. It wasn't bad, just different.

Overall, the whole album is a good time and I highly recommend it. When listening in my car, I hardly ever hit the next button, that's when you know something is legit.

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