Meat. That's the first think that comes to mind right, when you buy something by the pound. Cheese is another. Fruits and vegetables, deli items, bulk foods and coffee. All grocery store product, that is priced per pound. And beware of the cheese! Wow, that stuff can be priced by the quarter pound.

Travis Vasek
Travis Vasek

And then came the day I stopped into Scheels of Sioux Falls. I needed to pick up a couple of five pound dumbbells for my continued rehab after back surgery. The sign, as you can see above lists each dumbbell weight by the pound. The ones I purchased were only $1.69 per pound. With tax $18.00 and I'm out the door.

Can you imagine if you were to buy your next vehicle, and the list price was by how much it weighed? Let's figure this out. I chose a 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup truck. Average weight-4,950 lbs. Average price-$59,175 MSRP.  If my math is right, you would see the sticker on the window that lists this truck at $119.55 per pound.

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