It's not just here in Sioux Falls where people will be feeling the pain of ripple effects from the pandemic, so at least we won't be alone in our suffering. Not that that is of any comfort whatsoever.

This growing financial burden on our bank accounts will be driven by rising costs on just about everything in our lives. It is just a basic rule of economics - - when products are in short supply and people really need or want them, those products become more expensive.

Take your pick of everyday things that you'll be paying more for and it will make you cringe just thinking about it. I know I did. So the good news is, we're heading for herd immunity from COVID-19, and the bad news is, you'll have even less money to spend on - - anything.

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Here are just 10 of the things you can expect to shell out more cash for.

Ten Sioux Falls Products With Rising Prices

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