We all remember the Sunday night in late May the Black Lives Matter peaceful protests here in Sioux Falls took a turn for the worst, and things started to become violent.

On Friday, authorities caught up with another individual that was allegedly involved with one of the incidents that transpired that evening.

Dakota News Now is reporting that law enforcement officers took seventeen-year-old Decimas Laurelez into custody in Holcomb, Kansas. Laurelez is accused of firing a gun towards Sioux Falls police officers who were helping to protect The Empire Mall that night.

According to Dakota News Now, Laurelez has been a fugitive for a few weeks after authorities issued an arrest warrant for him in connection with the violence that erupted as a result of the protests that happened on (May 31) in Sioux Falls.

Police obtained video that showed Laurelez firing a gun in the direction of officers on duty during the protest.

Dakota News Now reports Laurelez was apprehended by U.S. Marshall's on (June 19) without incident.

He is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault on law enforcement, and rioting.

Source: Dakota News Now

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The Result of The Sioux Falls Protest


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