A gun stolen from an unlocked vehicle in Sioux Falls three years ago has surfaced in Chicago, connected to a drive by shooting.

Sioux Falls information officer Sam Clemens says the shooting occurred in Chicago on September 3, and the gun was located by Police in Illinois on September 27, 2016. The serial number on the 45 caliber Kimber was traced through the NCIC Database, tracking it back to Sioux Falls.

No information is yet available about the suspect in the shooting, however the victim was shot in the hand and survived.  The victim was standing with a group of people, a car drove up and stopped, and a gun was fired from the vehicle.

Clemens says it is uncertain if the gun went from the original thief in Sioux Falls directly to Chicago or if it changed hands several times during the course of transport.

Among many items stolen from unlocked cars in Sioux Falls, guns have been a valuable commodity to those looking to make quick cash. It does not appear guns specifically are targeted by thieves according to Clemens:

It's the luck of the draw really...unlocked car and people are checking cars whether in the driveway, or on the street, it doesn't matter, and whatever they find inside of value is what they're taking.  It could be a laptop, could be sunglasses, might be change, might be a gun.

Sioux Falls police estimate one gun per week is stolen in the city, often from unlocked vehicles.

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