Springtime means the return of green grass, leaves on trees, the beginning of the gardening, grilling & travel seasons and if kittens had a season, spring would be it.

Well truthfully, it begins in spring and runs through early fall. Organizations taking in and caring for all this adorableness desperately need your assistance.

If you are a kitten or cat lover in the Sioux Falls area, (yes I am one, my German Shepherd, who puts up with my two felines - not so much) there are so many ways you can help ease the burden on the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and All Cats Rescue.

  • Donate Money: Whatever you can afford to give, always goes further when these organizations spend it, than when you do.
  • Donate Food: The SF Humane Society requests that you give only Purina dry food in original brand name bags. All Cats rescue has their wish list on Amazon.com
  • Volunteer: The SF Humane Society needs you for cat cuddling (one of the best jobs on earth!), socialization, grooming, cleaning and more. You must be at least 16, have four hours a month to share and fill out this form.
  • Foster: Both SF Humane Society and All Cats rescue need cat lovers to foster cats and kittens. Both groups cover veterinary costs, the cost of food & supplies and you must fill out applications for both as well.
  • Adopt: The ultimate goal for both the Sioux Falls Humane Society and for All Cats Rescue is finding forever homes for these loving furballs, whether full-grown or brand new.
  • Spay & Neuter: - Make sure your own animals are not adding to the population of homeless stray and feral cats in the Sioux Empire, especially if you let your cat out-of-doors.

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