A brand new survey recently determined that it's not the destination that matters at all when it comes to road-tripping. It's the snacks that sustain and apparently entertain us!

This new poll indicated that more than two-thirds of Americans are more concerned about their snacks, their trip companions, and where they're stopping for their next snack-shopping adventure.

That's right. When it comes to road trips it's all about the munchies you take with you! 61% of respondents to this survey said they wouldn't even consider taking a trip with someone who banned eating in the car.

Even though another travel study found that 56% of us don't think we can afford a vacation this year. If we could, and when we do, what matters is the people you're with and what you're chowing down on.

71% of people who responded to this road trip snack poll said that road trips are like a "hall pass" when it comes to snacking. In other words, you don't need an excuse to load up on cookies, chips, and candy- - and indulge.

Some general road rules discovered in this study:

  • Use the bathroom before you leave
  • Use deodorant (this is non-negotiable)
  • No strong perfume or cologne (again- -non-negotiable)
  • If you sit in the front passenger seat, you'll be expected to help with directions as well as hand snacks to the driver when requested.
  • The driver gets to choose the music
  • The driver gets to sing along to music unless requested by a majority of passengers not to.
  • Passengers may only ask once, "Where is the next rest area?".
  • Someone has to keep track of the mileage the vehicle is getting, (at least for the first half of the trip, because it's tradition - that's why!).
  • You must bring Fig Newtons, Chocolate Oreo Thins, Crispy Cheetos, Extra Toasty Cheezits, and Strawberry Twizzlers to start the trip. After that, the variety and number of snacks depend on the length of the trip.
  • Okay, I might have made a couple of those rules up!

So in closing, whether taking a day trip across South Dakota, or a cross-country trip that begins here, have fun and snack on!

Source: Study Finds

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