As usual Google, this planet's hardest working detective, has been busy working on a case and the results are in. They investigated recipe queries for Super Bowl snacks from around the country and came up with each state's favorite.

Some of the results are just plain weird! Beginning with our fair state. What do you think the favorite snack of South Dakotans is? Buffalo wings? Chislic? Pizza? That would be a resounding - nope! Nothing so pedestrian for us! Believe it or else, the "snack" recipe (?) which was most searched for by South Dakotans (and Nebraskans) was (drum roll please) -Beef & Noodles, also known as Beef Stroganoff.

Now, I'm not saying Google has a screw loose, (okay, maybe I am) but I've never heard of a South Dakota Super Bowl party where the star of the snack buffet was Beef Stroganoff! In fact, I'd like to hear about a party in this area, at which the guests bellied up to the food spread and dished up a big ole' plate of the creamy, calorie-crammed casserole.

Don't get me wrong, I love Beef Stroganoff! It's a dish which is hard to screw up. Beef, mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, sour cream and noodles meld together in a deliciously soul-satisfying classic meal; dressy enough for company, but also perfect for a simple family dinner.

But I digress. The most popular snack across the U.S., from the list I perused, is Buffalo Chicken Dip. The most searched snacks in the surrounding area are:

  • Minnesota - Chicken Wings
  • Iowa - Velveeta Dip
  • North Dakota - Chili Bean Velveeta Dip
  • Nebraska - Beef Stew or Stroganoff

You can check out the complete list of favorite snacks and get recipes for them here.

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