South Dakota was all about the marijuana in 2020, voting back in November to legalize the plant and it is quite ironic that in a new set of data that South Dakota's top comfort food features the word "pot".

No, we aren't talking about weed brownies, but the No. 1 comfort food in South Dakota does include pot and something getting roasted.

E-conoglight recently released a set of data that shows the top comfort food in South Dakota is pot roast.

According to, E-conoglight used the following criteria and data to compile their list.

The company set out to find out "which dishes give the most people joy by looking at the most popular recipes" around. To do so, the team first selected 100 foods that people usually classify as "comfort food" and then used Google Trends to figure out which selections were the most popular across each state based on 2020 search volume.

As a person who has lived in South Dakota for over 20 years, I have had my fair share of pot roast inside the state lines and I certainly would have it on my Mount Rushmore of comfort foods.

I would additionally add chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese and meatloaf to my Mount Rushmore of comfort foods.

My additions also made the top spot in other states with California calling grilled cheese their number one option, Michigan pegging chicken noodle soup their favorite and people in West Virginia love their meatloaf like me.

Here is the list and map of the rest of the Top Comfort Foods throughout the United States.

Now that we have you extra hungry, what would you have on your Mount Rushmore of Comfort Foods?


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